Western Haze

Rhea lonsdale westernhaze

Final screenshot. Used a buncha fog cards.

Rhea lonsdale westernhazediffuse

Diffuse only.

Rhea lonsdale westernhazedetaill

Detail lighting only.

I was inspired by the crazy fires in Western Canada that we've been having. The haze is a bit softer with that overall pink-hued volumetric fog, but the smoke we've been seeing here is totally post-apocalyptic. I also used a bunch of reference from the aftermath of the Fort McMurray fires and tried to give this shot a similar atmosphere.

I used textures and nature assets from Megascans but made a custom landscape in World Machine to use with my landscape material. The base mesh for the van was made in Maya before I threw it into Zbrush to deform. I discovered how rad the crumple brush is—I don't know how I lived without it before! It's awesome! I textured it in Substance Painter, threw it all back into UE4, added lighting and fog and took this viewport shot.

My computer basically hated me the whole time for using a big terrain like this and I kept running out of memory.  Worth it I think!

September 30, 2018