Fallout Bunker Props

Rhea lonsdale fallout

Beauty render in Marmoset Toolbag.

Rhea lonsdale bdgasmask

Texture breakdown for gas mask.

Rhea lonsdale bd computer
Rhea lonsdale bd fan

Texture breakdown for fan.

Rhea lonsdale bd lamp

Texture breakdown for lamp.

I'm a massive Fallout fan! When '76 was announced I started thinking about props that might fit in that universe as I wanted to highlight some for my portfolio. I did a bunch of visual research, modeled in Maya using hard surface techniques and textured using Substance Painter. I made a simple scratched formica material in Substance Designer for the table, composed it all in Marmoset Toolbag, lit the scene and rendered it out.

Someone wise once told me that roughness maps are the most important so I keep that in mind every time I approach texturing. The one detail I played with here is the fingerprints on the screen and I'm delighted with how that little detail reads from a distance. It's so minor but I think it really lends that surface some narrative in a way that I think strong grunge maps can sometimes overkill.

September 5, 2018